About us

Who we are


reated in 1972, Western Allergy Services has established itself as the premier supplier of allergy diagnostics, allergy immunotherapy and atopic treatment in Canada.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to bringing our customers the best allergy products available, excellent customer service, and on our innovation as new scientific findings come out. In 2001 Western Allergy, taking a cue from European treatment regimens, launched the first clinical trial of sublingual immunotherapy in Canada. This successful clinical trial of sublingual immunotherapy was published in the in the Annals of Allergy in 2004. As an early adopter, Western Allergy was the first to offer both custom compounded sublingual immunotherapy and traditional subcutaneous immunotherapy by prescription. We offer our clients the latest research on immunotherapy along with suggested dosage schedules for those new to incorporating SLIT or SCIT into their medical practice.
Our environmental control and medical clothing products are excellent adjunct treatment options for those with environmental allergies and eczema. Our ‘smart clothing’, Skinnies Skinwear is designed especially with eczema treatment in mind. Adding a proven medical clothing for eczema is an easy way to provide eczema relief.
RELAX Bedding offers the highest quality dust mite protection for your bedroom. Made of 100% cotton, this specialty bedding product can help reduce asthma, allergy and eczema symptoms by up to 40%.

Our Mission

Working to cure allergy and improve lives through awareness and clinically proven, innovative treatments.

Why Choose Us?

1. Our Strengths

In an independent survey of Canadian Allergy companies, Western Allergy Services out performed the others in the following categories:

  • Product Quality
  • Service
  • Delivery
  • Ease to work with
  • Organization and reliablity
  • Knowledgeable staff
2. Commitment to Service

We believe that service is just as important as quality. We are a little old fashioned that way. When you call us, you will find a helpful human who can make sure you get the information you need.

3. In Science We Trust

Science based medicine is the foundation on which all of our products and services are built. If it is not backed by sound science and independent, reputable clinical trials, we won’t carry it. End of story.

4. We stay Curious

Innovation means we need to stay curious. We do our very best to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the medical world in general and with the treatment of allergic disease specifically. We were early adopters of sublingual immunotherapy, (the first in Canada!) of smart clothing (another first, this one in North America!) and we are currently working to develop new methods of diagnosis. It is an exciting time in medicine because technology has come so far. We strive to stay current and relevant and bring you sound advice and products.

SLIT Results Are In

Reduction in Asthma Symptoms on SLIT / 40%
Reduction in Rhinitis Symptoms / 60%
Patients reporting improved quality of life / 80%
Patients that prefer SLIT over SCIT / 88%