Allergy Products from Western Allergy

Skinnies Seamless Skinwear offers 2 lines of undergarments designed especially for eczema, psoriasis atopic dermatitis, and a host of other sensitive skin conditions. Available in both cotton and silk, these medical clothing lines offer clinically proven relief from the itching, scratching and irritation of eczema.
Skinnies WEB Dressing Retention is a specialty product designed especially for epidermolysis bullosa and other wound-related skin conditions such as cancer treatment and post-surgical care. To learn more about Skinnies Skinwear, an award-winning medical clothing from the UK, please visit our Skinnies website.

RELAX Handcrafted Allergen Avoidance Bedding offers the highest quality Natural and drug free allergy protection. Developed by medical professionals, RELAX Allergy Bedding protects you and your loved ones from dust mites and their dander. Using only 100% cotton, RELAX is a vast improvement from synthetic allergy blocking covers. To learn more about RELAX Allergy Avoidance Bedding, visit our RELAX Bedding website.